Monday, September 21, 2009


september 2009
CHRISTOPHER CHRISTIE has cost the federal government MILLIONS of dollars in his failed attempt to cover up prosecutorial MISCONDUCT!!
While serving as the United States Attorney for the district of New Jersey, Christie directly instructed three other Assistant United States Attorney's to tamper with evidence, intimidate witnesses, and presented known false evidence before TWO separate grand juries!
The latest occurring in 2006, in the case of U.S. v. Diamond, No. 06-892. Diamond, a Southampton resident, serving a 60 month sentence for wire fraud at the FCI Loretto, PA, was brought to New Jersey on an alleged complaint of mail fraud. Christie claimed Diamond was attempting to nullify a prior restitution by filing various documents with the court. Although the judgment restitution was already satisfied as verified by the Bureau of Prisons, Christie used the U.S. Attorney’s to procure Mr. Diamonds presence in New Jersey in an effort to intimidate him to remove two purported 10 million dollar liens filed with the state of New Jersey in favor of Mr. Diamond as secured party. The liens named Christie as debtor along with AUSA Joseph Minish, and District Judge William H Wall.
A review of court records has revealed that, although the state did not record the liens until December 2006, Mr. Christie testified to a grand jury that the liens were filed some thirty days earlier! Christie deliberately withheld the truth in order to secure an indictment against Mr. Diamond.
Opting to represent on his own behalf during the trial, Diamond won two (2) NOT GUILTY verdicts in relating to the liens, yet was found guilty of mail fraud relating to the alleged restitution that was in fact already satisfied, information which Christie withheld from the jury and the court!
Christies egregious conduct was uncovered during a routine pre-sentencing investigation. Ms. Martarong, of the probation department, discovered that the alleged restitution which was the subject of the prosecution was in fact satisfied as confirmed by the Bureau of Prisons on June 16, 2006, therefore contradicting the charges brought against Diamond by the United States Attorney office in New Jersey. It is evident that had Mr. Christie and others not withheld such exculpatory evidence from the jury, they would’ve extended the not guilty verdicts on all counts. The two (2) “not guilty” verdicts by the jurors essentially perfected the $20 million dollar liens against the U.S. Attorney’s and the Federal Judge in their individual capacities without the protection of governmental immunities!
Mr. Christie and his cohorts withheld information in a criminal case in a gamble to secure a wrongful conviction at the cost of $20 million! Bitter sweet victory for Mr. Diamond, who is $20 million dollars richer, yet must still serve out the rest of his sentence from the three guilty counts of mail fraud!
Mr. Christie is currently running in the New Jersey Gubernatorial on a platform of being a corruption buster, is in a fact, guilty of the same conducts, which he so zealously persecuted!